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Why Retargeting?

Retargeting is the online marketing strategy which brings you in the eyes of the previous patients once again.

There can also be healthcare seekers who might have visited your website but didn’t book an appointment reasons best known to them. Targeting these people promises higher conversion rates as we know for sure that they need the services that you provide.

The moment user leaves your website after checking out your healthcare services without booking an appointment, we will track them and retarget them one more time through ads as he or she browses other websites. For example, somebody visited your website saw and read your content but then, decided to check out other websites for more research and left yours. They might have actually liked what they saw or read on your website but after visiting 10 websites, they might not be able to recall that. Here’s how retargeting such traffic promises a higher conversion rate.

Digilantern as an online marketing Company will analyze and configure your website to track and follow all the visitors on your website, create a list of patients to be retargeted, develop the advertisement copy and come up with the most amazing creative ideas for your retargeting campaign.

Let us tell you how we do re-targeting via some examples in following simple steps:

  • Step-1. A person (patient) who is searching for the best collection of clothes (health services) and visit the best online shopping website ( your clinic's website )for clothes (health services). He/she selected clothes (health services) or opened many choices to make a selection for the final cart.
  • Step-2. After selecting clothes ( services) they transfer them into the shopping cart to make the final payment but because of some issues regarding price or material (quality of servcies which can be assessed through patient testimonials and the technology/products that you use for a particular treatment), they will leave the site and carry forward to another website for shopping ( health services).
  • Step-3. Then through Lantern’s Retargeting Strategies, the same person will start seeing advertisements about your health services once again and is most likely to visit your website again for the healthcare services that they were searching for. It helps them to end the journey of decision making for the acquirement of the best service and fix an appointment with you which they earlier didn't book.

Retargeting service of Digilantern, you can easily promote your health practices and areas of your specialization as it will cost less to target the same visitors.

Retargeting can be done in the form of Facebook ads, display ads on Google Adwords and email marketing. These platforms are the consumer-driven and email campaigns are also one of the best platforms for this service.

Digilantern believes that retargeting is one of the powerful branding and conversion optimization tool and concentrates on three features for creating retargeting ads that:-

  • Target the right audience- They should be audience-oriented and grab the interest of already interested patients.
  • Eye-Catchy- We work hard to make them the most creative and fascinating ads to grab an attention of the targeted patients after using modern designing tools.
  • Call-To-Action- Call to action will help you increase the chances to get an appointment or increased number of patients etc. We guide them with the single click of the mouse to turn them from visitors to become your promised patients.