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Reputation Management

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Goodwill is the only asset that competition cannot undersell or destroy. - Marshall Field

Truly said...

The existence of the company and profits depend upon its goodwill. The base of the goodwill of your practice is people. People who are working with you, people who are working for you and last but definitely not the least – your patients. connected with the organization. So it becomes a duty and responsibility to provide your people with accurate and timely information, cater to their needs, be constantly in touch for effective communication and be able to deliver results in one go.


And you know what makes it even more critical? Digitization!

Yes, the world is much smaller now. Your followers on social media can be from the other end of the world. And let’s not forget the boom in Medical tourism industry. Well, it actually is as fascinating as it sounds. Healthcare Practitioners today have unlimited opportunities to explore as compared to the scenario a decade ago. Web is a place where you can connect with your potential patients worldwide. It is a platform to communicate.

Web/social media allows you to express yourself, showcase your service offerings and your uniqueness to the world out there. And so can your stakeholders.


You can’t control their words. You can’t control them from posting their feeling – good or bad. A good review from a patient is definitely a jewel in your crown. But what if somebody gives you a bad review online? Like they say, nobody remembers the good but everybody would remember the bad. Just one bad review and your reputation is gone. There can be multiple reasons for why the patient is unhappy with your services and sometimes things get beyond control. That’s where we come in the picture.

Lantern’s Reputation management services let you manage the goodwill of your healthcare clinic digitally. It is the act of keeping an eye on your practice's presence or individuality of doctor's profiles on the web. Keeping an eye on the popular sites or review sites and social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, where your targeted audience communicate with you through their comments on your posts, or queries etc. Best goodwill management includes regularly monitoring and managing your brand and creating awareness about your healthcare services so its existence remains active or live on the web.


How we maintain your Goodwill digitally?

Our motive is to build a strong infrastructure of communication between patients and your health practices because it will act as a foundation for a good doctor-patient relationship.


We at Diglantern offer:-

  • We take care of your image on digital platforms and if there is something negative against your health practices or services then our digital marketing team will turn the negative into positive by various management strategies.
  • We also influence and convince your patients to provide feebdback of their treatment experiences from your health services and what was the best thing about it. We remark a strategy for patient reviews to convince the patients to leave health service reviews. It will help mark a good imprint on your goodwill digitally.
  • We start by identifying and analyzing the positive testimonials, reviews and interviews having the prior presence on digital platforms. Using the researched material, we will work on your presence on digital platforms and create new pages and write articles about your health services on different popular review platforms and healthcare directories. So that the positive content about your healthcare practice nullifies the negative remarks.
  • We build links to the different platform of reviews and directories of health care, which provide an increment to the online presence of those individual pages about your speciality and your health practices.