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Video Creation & Marketing


Video Creation and Marketing for Social Media Platforms

Video Marketing uses video as a tool for marketing and promoting products and services of a company. It is also used extensively for promoting the brand image and web presence of an organization. As the digital era is flourishing, so is the huge need of making a robust web presence of your organization. There are infinite ways of using videos to influence and attract your customers. For example, making a how to video, explainer video, customer testimonials, video of a live event, corporate training and so on. The list is endless and so are the possibilities and hopes of enhancing your web presence and attracting customers.


Why do you need Video Marketing

Well, you need it because you want loud echoes of your brand, right?

  • Combo of audio and video is very effective and that's why video marketing can work wonders for your business. Research says, 80 % information is retained when people see and hear as compared to only 20 % when they read or see only.
  • Video is very easily accessible because of the digital power people have in their hands. Yes, we mean smartphones! Anyone can watch your video on smartphone even when traveling. Additionally, you have infinite platforms for showcasing your video, for example, YouTube, Television, social networks and video boards.
  • Videos are an excellent tonic for SEO. It can even increase your click through rates, conversion rates and open rates. A properly tagged video can make your content well searchable.
  • Videos are inclusive of sound and music and it has direct effect on emotional part of person's brain. That truly means you can get the emotional hold of your potential customers and let them understand as to why your product or service is significant for them.