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Humanize your brand
How to give your brand that ‘Human Touch
24 Aug,2017

Whatever information you deliver through your blogs, articles, posts, videos, etc., the end goal is always to reach and engage your targeted customers. If you’re able to provide solutions to the concerns of your customers, pro-actively identify their needs and find a way to communicate regularly and efficiently with them,

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Instagram for Travel Marketing
How to drive Instagram for Travel Marketing
27 Jun,2017

We all are familiar with the concept of marketing, an essential in every business. Whether Traditional Marketing or Digital marketing every business uses a marketing strategy to grow its horizons and explore new opportunities in the industry. When we talk about Travel & Hospitality Industry, the need for marketing still

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Five Ways of Marketing Your Dental Practice
Five Ways of Marketing Your Dental Practice
30 May,2017

In today’s time being a dentist is not just about clinical or aesthetic dentistry. A well defined marketing plan can not just enable you to achieve your short term goal of having prospective patients know about you in your vicinity but will also help your practice’s academic and operational growth

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Medical Web Solutions Or A Word Of Mouth
Medical Web Solutions Or A Word Of Mouth?
29 Apr,2017

So, in the times of technology and digitization, it is mostly the inherent businesses that are still relying on the traditional marketing method – ‘Word of Mouth’. And it is true in case of any business, whether you are a lawyer, Doctor, CA or any other traditional business, you would

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Strong Brand Identity
Healthcare Industry: From Transactions to Strong Brand Identity
07 Feb,2017

Most of the traditional businesses are built and run on references particularly in Healthcare. I notice every day during my interactions with Healthcare practitioners that they still want to build and run their practices through references majorly. In 2017 when every aspect of our lives has become digital, people love to

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