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How Digitization has changed the Face of Dermatology Practice in India
How Digitization has changed the Face of Dermatology Practice in India?
16 Oct,2018

Digitization has been the talk of the town in recent times. The reason for same is gigantic changes and alterations which it has been able to bring to almost every sphere of life including healthcare. Dermatology is one of the prominent ones among them. Starting from the practice of doctors,

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Vlogs are the new blogs for healthcare
Vlogs are the new blogs for healthcare
04 Aug,2018

Yes! Vlogs (video logs) are the new blogs for health-care. The sweeping trend of Digitization has shifted the focus from “content to be read” to “videos to be watched”. The reason for same can be manipulated as people have limited time to spend on social media and Internet. If asked

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Digital Transforming of Healthcare
Transforming Healthcare through Digital Means
06 Mar,2018

NOIDA, DELHI NCR, 10th January, 2018- DigiLantern, a privately held company founded in June, 2015, specializes in providing digital solutions and technology services healthcare practitioners, clinics and pharmaceuticals. The company is operating in the area of Delhi NCR and Mumbai. The company is going to launch a new website dedicated

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Humanize your brand
How to give your brand that ‘Human Touch
24 Aug,2017

Whatever information you deliver through your blogs, articles, posts, videos, etc., the end goal is always to reach and engage your targeted customers. If you’re able to provide solutions to the concerns of your customers, pro-actively identify their needs and find a way to communicate regularly and efficiently with them,

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Instagram for Travel Marketing
How to drive Instagram for Travel Marketing
27 Jun,2017

We all are familiar with the concept of marketing, an essential in every business. Whether Traditional Marketing or Digital marketing every business uses a marketing strategy to grow its horizons and explore new opportunities in the industry. When we talk about Travel & Hospitality Industry, the need for marketing still

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