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Business Process Automation
Business Process Automation for SMEs
10 Nov,2016

The biggest myth about SMEs is that it is less complicated than large businesses, which isn’t true at all. The basic business process is almost same and it’s just the scale which varies. Sometimes, SMEs would rather be more tedious than large businesses while performing business functions because of financial,

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Digital Transformation in the Healthcare Industry
Digital Transformation in the Healthcare Industry in India
30 Sep,2016

Like any other industry, Healthcare Industry is not untouched by digital revolution as the main focus here is also shifting to customer/patient experience. Use of cloud-based system, Mobile applications and data analytics can especially be of great advantage for healthcare businesses. This shift from manually run operations to digitally run

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Effective Partner Strategy for Digital Transformation
Effective Partner Strategy for Digital Transformation
27 Sep,2016

The term Digital transformation refers to the digital revolution where more and more people and organizations are moving to digitization in order to upgrade their services and meet the business needs in today’s highly competitive & swiftly changing world. With Digital Transformation not only more and more people are getting connected with technology but

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Lanterns Digital Strategy
Lanterns Digital Strategy and Engagement’ Infuses Everything We Do. #LifeAtLantern
07 Aug,2016

Lanterns strategy & engagement’ infuses everything we do. 5 Reasons of why health experts choose Digi Lantern over other digital agencies.  1. We brainstorm solutions, that are driven by a combination of consultative strategy, data-driven tactics, exceptionally creative ideas & innovative technology solutions to deliver measurable results for all our clients who are

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Health Experts
HIPAA & ITS Importance For Health Experts Creating Their Own Solutions In The US
14 Jul,2016

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) which was formed in 1996 is based on the discretion of patient health information. This is the Digital Era and digitization empowers us in many ways. But with its advantages, technology brings along some disadvantages as well. Technology makes it easier to spread

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