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Cab Management Application


Our client is a start-up in the cab booking space. They have a good number of fleets ranging from all types of car, be it a compact, sedan, SUV, etc. They approached us for an end to end solution for manual process to manage cabs and allocations, Manual billing and non?integrated processes for cab management. The company required a professional platform that could assist its users to log on to the system and calculate distance and even pay online. It required dynamic configuration which the user could complete online which would show automatic results.


Project Planning: The Web portal required a complete work flow analysis, essential specification, design, wire frame design and development, document creation and continual changes during the development phase. As a web solutions provider company, we worked jointly with the client to streamline the project flow and offer the required project planning for online solutions to the client.

Technology Choices: We evaluate the technical side and we select to go with PHP and Java. We also utilized Laravel (a PHP Framework), CodeIgniter Web Framework, Objective C to add Smalltalk?style messaging, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and LAMP stack to run dynamic web sites and servers.

Implementation of solution: Team DigiLantern provided them an end to end solution by developing a Web Portal, their backend CRM system, Android Application and iOS Application. We also provided them a fully integrated GPS platform for navigation.

Result: The developed Web Portal represents a company whose passion for their work is clearly apparent. Team DigiLantern provide them an online GIS integrated application to manage, allocate and track the cabs with a user friendly online billing.