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CMS Portal for a College - Web Application


Our client is a famous college in Delhi and aims to develop a platform which would allow them to showcase their offerings and connect students, alumni, teachers and the supporting staff under one umbrella.


We worked closely with experts’ team at the client's site and created a strategy for revamping their initial concept into a user friendly and mobile responsive website. We have progressed through various stages of paper?based prototypes, interactive wireframes to develop a web based solution from manual and time consuming phase and to increase the efficiency of work and provide a web based easily manageable solutions.

Project Planning: DigiLantern is committed to provide a strong, robust, easy to use solution which would help the client achieve its business objectives. 

  • Our technical team decided on formulating a complete web strategy to fulfil the client needs with following key components:

  • User friendly web interfaces consistent with the customer experience objectives outlined in RFP document.

  • Member database that establishes and maintains complete user profiles, including user relationships and user activity.

Technology Choices: We would be developing website using PHP Codeigniter technology. The solution would be having database driven approach having dynamics web pages. A solution would have a robust Content Management System (CMS) for CRUD functionalities, controlled by the admin. A solution would have optimized site loading time. We would be providing clean and professional design with UI/UX development. A website would have integration of audio/video players, streaming through Facebook private channel. We would make this website mobile responsive using Bootstrap. We would be providing offsite support and maintenance for one year.

Implementation of solution: Along with typical system admin features, a web master interface for managing the site and pushing content to the site was developed. Remote administration of the application was provided. DigiLantern has always taken an uncompromising position in respect to quality. DigiLantern’s Quality Management System (QMS) is a complex set of engineering and managerial activities that ensures the delivery of high quality software through the entire workflow.

On-Going Activities: The experiences from the project are ploughed back to refine the process. Continuous improvements help us meet milestones with no compromise on quality. So, we are working on continuous improvement of their web solutions.