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This Cosmetic Surgery centre offers a complete range of cosmetic dermatology solutions with state‐of‐the‐ art equipment and best trained cosmetic surgery professionals in the world. They approached DigiLantern: PPC Company in Delhi to take their PPC campaigns to the next level of performance.

Our Approach

Project Planning: Our strategy is based on driving some decent traffic to the website of the clinic, however to achieve optimum profitability they needed to reduce their marketing spend as a proportion of their sales.

Technology Choices: As a well known PPC company in Delhi, We believed it was vital to optimize the PPC campaign and ensure it was performing correctly. Managing the PPC campaign also provided us with essential insight and intelligence into how keywords were performing and also allowed us to test out new keywords.

Implementation of solution: We created full account rebuild and introduced a focused account structure with highly targeted campaigns and Ad Groups.

On-Going Activities: We make constant improvements to the visitor experience, customer journey and conversion process. Over the course of our first month we saw an average Increase in the Conversion rate.