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Dental & Eye Care


A fusion of solutions for complete Dental & Eye Care requirements of the people, this clinic approached us for website designing as they wanted to reinvent their web presence and redefine patient journeys on their new website.

Our Approach

Project Planning: Development Team at DigiLantern: Website designing company in Delhi, worked meticulously with the team of doctors on a detailed User Experience (UX) strategy, to identify patients’ needs and the best information architecture for their medical content.

Technology Choices: Defined UX strategy informed our responsive wireframes and the creative look and feel of their website interface. DigiLantern team also worked closely with the doctors who helped us create a suite of illustrations to enhance their online identity and to help patients find their way.

Implementation of solution: TDigiLantern worked hard to create this website that communicates their fantastic approach and services to potential patients. In order to do this we immersed ourselves in their services, visited their properties and talked to many patients. This has helped us to understand their target audience and to design a website that works effectively.

On-Going Activities: We are currently implementing and maintaining a website tracker for them further resulting into a better online reputation.