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Food Chain Mobile Application


Our client is the owner of renowned food chains in Delhi NCR and his major concern was to automate the processes involved in the delivery of food. Hence, he associated with us to develop a mobile app for them.


Project Planning: DigiLantern always emphasises on knowing our clients and their business first in order to provide them the exact solutions that they are seeking. The planning phase started with know-how’s of their business and then we started planning on the design of the application to make it as interactive as possible.

Technology Choices: The technologies used are SQLite for using the app offline, IoT to connect mobiles for internal & external communication and cloud server.

Implementation of solution: DigiLantern’s expert developers were ready with mobile app in just 2 weeks.

  • Information about menu-the various dishes served
  • Customers having a real time sync based on location services
  • Integration of Google Maps to show the itineraries
  • Push Notifications to keep the customers up to date on the activities
  • Real time feedback collection

On-Going Activities: It was amazing to see that the app became live within just 2 weeks & is highly responsive and super fast for all kinds of mobile devices & tablets. Furthermore it made us happy to know that the number of orders that our client received suddenly increased after the launch of the app.