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Hostel Management System - Application


Our client was opening a new hostel with a capacity of accommodating more than 1000 students. Hence, they didn’t want to manage the hostel manually because they understood it would be tedious task. They approached DigiLantern with a motive to provide them a fully automated hostel management system.


Project Planning: DigiLantern always emphasises on knowing our clients and their business first in order to provide them the exact solutions that they are seeking. The planning phase started with know-how’s of their business and then we started planning on the design of the application to make it easy to use and be effective at the same time.

Technology Choices: Our Technical team decided to use PHP & MySQL for this solution. While on the front end, we used HTML, Java Script & CSS to make it user friendly & interactive.

Implementation of solution: DigiLantern’s hostel Management System was developed in 2 weeks & was immediately implemented with these following features:

  • Rooms management which includes for checking out empty and allocated rooms

  • Online register can be generated of all student records

  • Member database that establishes and maintains complete user profiles, including user relationships

  • Hostel fee structure

  • Hostel fees management with instalments and different reports

  • Hostel infrastructure with different statistical report to make judgment, in which floor max students are there

  • Mess management – various records & bills management

Result: There’s always a chance for improvement and we work closely with or clients, help them connect the dots and achieve what they aspire to achieve. Our efforts made our client happy as DigiLantern’s Hostel Management system proved to be of great use for them.