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University - Application for Student Interaction


Our client is an International university and they wanted to come up with a platform where Junior & senior students can interact & help each other by answering questions, providing advice, offer study materials, and being a knowledgeable contact in the graduation/post graduation program.


Project Planning: Our fastidious team never fails to impress our clients and here again they planned a system and named it ‘The Buddy Project’ as per client’s requirements. The Buddy Program provides a helping hand as students settle down and get to know their campus life. It is a service by graduate students (Buddy) helping new undergraduate (Peer Buddy) students. They provide the friendly face, helping hand that can make a world of difference for new arrivals. Buddies can offer educational support, subject information and study materials to their Peer buddy.

Technology Choices: So, we created an official web portal, named as ‘The Buddy Project’. Our Technical team decided to use PHP & MySQL for this solution. While on the front end, we used HTML, Java Script & CSS to make it user friendly & interactive.

Implementation of solution: We developed this interactive solution for the students within the deadlines given by our client i.e. 2 weeks and were able to effectively deliver it to them with these following features:

  • Students receive more time for individualized learning

  • Direct interaction between students promotes active learning

  • Buddy reinforce their own learning by instructing others

  • Students feel more comfortable and open when interacting with a Buddy than a teacher/professor

  • Peers and Buddy share a similar discourse, allowing for greater understanding

  • This program is financially efficient alternative to hiring more staff members

  • If a peer buddy is satisfied with the entire educational communication, he/she can give score/Points of satisfaction to Buddy. Buddy score is totally based on the mode of communication between the Buddy and Peer Buddy.

  • For every 100 Points you earn in the Buddy program, you will be eligible to receive a gift worth 100 INR. Buddy can also store points for the future. Redeemed rewards points get added to Buddy Score Card to be used for future.

  • If the total score of a Buddy reaches 1000 points, then he/she will be eligible to become a Buddy Manager. After getting more than 1000 points a Buddy can train others to become a buddy.

Result: Our Buddy Project helped the students beyond ours and client’s expectations.

  • It provided a beneficial & reliable contact point for students who were having problems with their programs of study

  • It helped administration to monitor students' academic experience with the aim of improving it further.

  • The Buddy Project resulted into implementation of a variety of strategies for the benefit of students and staff, including equity initiatives and planning.