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Medium Scale Business Lead Management System


This client wanted to generate more leads and develop a system that would make it easier for them to manage leads and their follow-ups. The challenge here was to create a Lead Management System which is cost effective and easy to use.


Project Planning: We started planning this project with the valuable inputs from our client. Our team of experts at DigiLantern came up with a significant plan for them in no time & immediately started working on the project.

Technology Choices: The initial build stage involved taking each designed web page, then turning it into an HTML / CSS template. After that our technical team integrated these into the website’s CMS. Use of Code Igniter made it simple, full-featured and elegant web application.

Implementation of solution: The customised LMS was built with a lead management dashboard to capture leads through website, authenticating leads using OTP, follow ups using e-mails & phone, separating converted & dead leads, Email Marketing integration like MailChimp or MailGun and last but not the least Customer Satisfaction Feedback collection.

On-going Acvities: Team DigiLantern assists this client in continuously improving their Mobile App by uploading new information from time to time and eliminating the unnecessary or outdated data.