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Online Cooking Recipes - Mobile Application


This client was running a website which was focused on cooking recipes, food tips, blogs etc. She approached us to design a Mobile app for her business. The challenge was to create an app which consisted of a lot of content (more than 50000 recipes), a lot of pictures, and have a feature to save the recipes offline.


Project Planning: Our project phase began with the selection of content & pictures to b displayed in the app. As suggested by our client DigiLantern prepared a blueprint for a mobile app which allows you to obtain nutritional information for recipes, add ingredient costs to perform cost analysis, find ingredient substitutions and create menus and meal plans, having 30 cookbooks, over 8000 recipes and includes a more robust search tool.

Technology Choices: This App is designed for Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, windows phones & tablets with the help of SQLite & cloud services

Implementation of solution: Implementation of the App was easy because Digilantern’s technical team put huge effort in designing the most efficient Cookbook App with these following features:

   • Download recipes online with just 1 click

   • Organize recipes into custom cookbooks

   • Scale recipe serving size in just 1 click

   • Create shopping lists from recipes with just 1 click

   • Search your recipes based on cuisine, category, cookbook or title

   • Create group cookbooks and share with friends and family

Result: After a dedicated endeavour of 2 weeks, DigiLantern created the most extensive & at the sametime user friendly mobile application for this client. And once again, we made our client happy by keeping up to their expectations.