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Real Estate Mobile App


The client wanted to be able to have real-time communication with various stakeholders and at the same time be able to display the maximum relevant information of various property models within the limited space of the mobile app.


Project Planning: When our team of Mobile App experts started interacting with their core team they informed us that they want to boost data fetch cycles for enhancing complete data processing pace. Hence, we suggested them a cross platform hybrid mobile application.

Technology Choices: A content rich Mobile app was developed for iOS, android, windows phones and tablets. The focus of team DigiLantern was to enhance the user experience on the mobile app by making the web portal more responsive.

Implementation of solution: The app was developed within 2 weeks and proved to be highly communicative and responsive. The main lure is its high processing speed.

Result: Working for them was a great experience as this app was developed in a very short span of time and we were able to fulfil all the expectations of our client.