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Social Food Community - Mobile Application


This client is running a social food community and wanted to take it to next level by launching a mobile app for the same. He approached DigiLantern to assist them in developing a mobile application which talks about food, must visit restaurants and eateries in the city, various cuisines and their speciality dishes.


Project Planning: This mobile application needed a lot of brainstorming as our client wanted it to be a unambiguous and elaborate to have a lot of substance such as user profiles, login page, facebook login integration, preferences screens, recommended dishes & random food feed, location maps, tips & reviews, search functionality, uploading & downloading pictures to name but a few.

Technology Choices: DigiLantern used agile Development methodology for this project. Weekly Sprint Development update was shared with the Client. This App is designed for iOS & Android. So, we used Native iOS development language –Swift and Objective C, and Native Android development in Java.

Implementation of solution: The development phase began with UI designing & layout creation. We were able to finish developing the app within given timeline which is 4 weeks. Implementation of this project became easier because of the all-embracing planning phase. Thanks to the brightest brains at DigiLantern.

Result: The outcome of our effort was pleasing. The best feature of this app, as our client says, is ‘Crave button’ which is meant for flagging a dish for future reference. We used food industry jargons in order to make this app more tempting. On a technical note, this app is highly responsive and provides you the advantage of easily uploading & downloading the pictures.