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Digilantern Commerce Solutions

Helping You Improve Your Revenue Online

Whether your business paradigm is a Business to Business (B2B) or a Business to Consumer (B2C), or both, DigiLantern Commerce can help you to market, promote and sell beyond every digital channel: online, mobile and social.

DigiLantern provides e-commerce solutions that help lower the cost of doing a business, enhance customer engagement and broaden your global presence. We provide a complete complement of e-commerce solutions and potential that empower businesses to incorporate cross-channel interactions, forecast trends using advanced analytics.

DigiLantern Commerce enables businesses to consolidate and organize all channels on a single platform and plot on rich data from these channels to extend conversions and loyalty through a variety of touch points.


B2C E-Commerce

Our B2C E-Commerce offering provides an end-to-end B2C ( business to consumer) e commerce platform that combines with your back office systems to magnify the success of your website and improve your ROI.


B2B E-Commerce

Our B2B eCommerce platform completely integrates with your back office ambiance to confirm that your customers have approach to your products at their rates, with their order history, and their credit profile.


E-Commerce Consultancy

We understand that a really efficient eCommerce project isn't just based on technology, but about proper understanding of how the eCommerce and the web influences your business, your customers, and your business future. Talk to DigiLantern about your eCommerce project to see how we can improve your strategy.


Back Office E-Commerce Integration

If your existing eCommerce solution doesn't incorporate with your back end system, then you can contact DigiLantern. We're associated eCommerce experts with years of experience in providing end to end eCommerce solutions.


Mobile E-Commerce

The process in which we approach the internet is improving and DigiLantern has been confirming that their eCommerce platform is properly organized.


Multi Channel E-Commerce

We provide multi channel eCommerce solutions that create a consistent experience for your customers with full inclusion between all channels and your back office.

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