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Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is the buzz word if you want to mark a strong online presence for your business. Irrespective of your industry, it has become need of the hour to work upon strategies of search engine optimization for better showcasing of your brand. It's much more than sheer content creation, it is a bunch of effective strategies for making your web portal highly visible in the end results of search engines.

We at DigiLantern, truly understand your SEO needs and hence cater to them very proficiently. We have a team of SEO experts who work rigorously for achieving your targets for online presence. Although, engaging content is a must for better web presence. But, that's not all what is required for turning heads online towards your brand. Actually, its a blend of various strategies which are pivotal for getting desired end results in search engine optimization.

SEO Service Company In Noida

Customizing the game

No two industries are same in the context of their need for SEO. Even the clients from the same industry have got variations in terms of their preferences and goals from online presence. Our team of experts works hard enough to get the grasp on your actual business goals to propel it digitally. Be it any industry, the main focus remains on getting the more and more clients on-board. As Doctors need patients, a grocery store needs a shopper, a school or college needs students and so on. Therefore, first we take the charge of the potential customers of that specific industry and invest time to understand their needs and expectations, and correlate the service or product offerings with the needs of the potential target market. The SEO experts at DigiLantern understand the fact that to get the best SEO results, it's mandatory to hear the respective audiences. It is only then that we can create relevant and pampering content for them.

Next comes the role of proper placing of content and embedding relevant keywords in it. Our talented team is always at their best to do this job. In short, DigiLantern works in a very systematic way to reap the results as required by you. Mainly because we keep on experimenting and finding innovative ways to enhance your digital presence through Search Engine Optimization.

Video Creation and Marketing

Video Marketing uses video as a tool for marketing and promoting products and services of a company. It is also used extensively for promoting the brand image and web presence of an organization. As the digital era is flourishing, so is the huge need of making a robust web presence of your organization. There are infinite ways of using videos to influence and attract your customers. For example, making a how to video, explainer video, customer testimonials, video of a live event, corporate training and so on. The list is endless and so are the possibilities and hopes of enhancing your web presence and attracting customers.

Why do you need Video Marketing

Well, you need it because you want loud echoes of your brand, right?

  • Combo of audio and video is very effective and that's why video marketing can work wonders for your business. Research says, 80 % information is retained when people see and hear as compared to only 20 % when they read or see only.
  • Video is very easily accessible because of the digital power people have in their hands. Yes, we mean smartphones! Anyone can watch your video on smartphone even when traveling. Additionally, you have infinite platforms for showcasing your video, for example, YouTube, Television, social networks and video boards.
  • Videos are an excellent tonic for SEO. It can even increase your click through rates, conversion rates and open rates. A properly tagged video can make your content well searchable.
  • Videos are inclusive of sound and music and it has direct effect on emotional part of person's brain. That truly means you can get the emotional hold of your potential customers and let them understand as to why your product or service is significant for them.

What you get at DigiLantern

DigiLantern provides very appropriate and targeted services in video marketing. Our team of experts leave no stone unturned in meeting your expectations. Video marketing campaign is a mix of several strategies. Firstly, we do the deep analysis of the market segment and explore related researches to it. Finding out key quotients of competitive analysis is another set of work. Based on these two, our team of experts shape the strategic face of the video including the feel you want in your video. Our team works hard enough to stand in your shoes so as to get the message you want to convey to your target audience through your video. Our team of experts instills life and emotions to your message for a better impact. Therefore, it becomes evident for you and your business to invest in video marketing.

Social Media Marketing

In the present context of digitization, Social Media Marketing has become a very powerful and robust tool for promoting your businesses online. It's not only about sheer selling of the product and services, rather it is much more about magnificent tale of your brand and it's awareness among the potential customers and clients. Not only this, it also creates masses of very devoted advocates for your brand. As the number of people connecting and using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is increasing, so are the potentials of marketing as well as brand management of your organization. The strong fact that people are spending their significant time on social media platforms not only for sharing personal informations and photos, but also for researching information, scanning product and services of their interest gives a brilliant reason for creating virtual marketing targets and sending brand messages across various social media platforms.

SMO Service Company In Noida

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

  • Your company would be blessed with substantial growth in inbound traffic of your website. More traffic is actually required for more conversion of the leads. If you are sailing your boat of social media on right route, you would be fetching the end results in the form of increased traffic, which is apart from existing customer base. That surely means gaining access over other potential leads because whatever would be posted on your social media profile, would be read by all the viewers world wide.
  • Best strategies of social media marketing when applied appropriately can also help in enhancing the search engine rankings comparatively. This is because of the reason that search engines like Google largely rely upon the social media engagement and its density of a particular brand in calculating search engine rankings.
  • You can get a better grip on customer comprehension and cognizance altogether with the right use of social media marketing.
  • Proper and adequate social media engagements largely increases the brand recognition of a particular organization. The way posts, text, audio or video are shared on social media platforms heavily affects the brand density across the social media. It may introduce new customers or clients to your company.
  • High conversion rate is another advantage you get when you invest in social media marketing and strategies. People connect more easily to the videos, pictures and graphics when elaborated in right manner. This adds a personal feel to all of your content regarding your product and services.

We fill your social media gaps

We, at DigiLantern fill all of your gaps of social media so that your business can flourish in the best possible way. Our team of experts are well equipped with skill sets for harvesting from the land of social media. You would get complete peace of mind as our team will take care of everything related to social media marketing and undoubtedly you would reap best possible results in the form of increased brand figure, growth in inbound traffic and more trust building among existing customers. Best social media campaigning includes in-depth scanning of the customer needs, preferences and their views about your brand. It is only on the basis of this information, that we design and develop targeted content, video or text for your social media links.

Pay per click advertising

As the name suggests, it is a mode of advertising on Internet wherein the company or advertiser is charged for the services only when any customer or potential customer clicks on the link of that advertisement. This is related to the online search done by people. When they search for some specific keywords, there are chances of hitting on the advertisements. This is the reason why it is also called keyword advertising.

PPC Service Company In Noida

Often referred to as PPC, has large number of benefits for any kind of business to flourish in the present world of digitization.


PPC helps immensely in achieving business goals of any organization as it is more flexible kind of advertising. PPC is used extensively for converting website traffic to end goals for the businesses.


PPC advertising is generally done with the help of Google ad words. The best feature of PPC advertising is that one can monitor and do the tracking of PPC advertising which is very beneficial for meeting business goals and marketing targets.


It acts as an excellent tool for starters who are just entering the digital space for making their mark or harvesting for market goals. You can regularly check the progress of your advertisement campaign and its report of impact on the basis of clicks.


Use of PPC decreases your dependability on other means as you have a better control over the advertisement campaign. You have the power and option for choosing keywords and their placements. You also get lots of flexibility in the terms of budget, you can start very low and depending on the performance and budget can increase the fund in budget.

DigiLantern has Google certified specialists which enables us to offer a complete set of solutions for enhancing the brand value of your organization. PPC is one of the safe, quick, easy and flexible way for advertising your brand. You can always do the required modifications in the budget and length of the advertisement. For proper functioning of PPC, you must know clearly about your customer or potential audiences. It is very vital because our team of experts at DigiLantern would design PPC advertisements depending on the type and nature of potential customers or audiences. Call to action is next important thing for proper use and implementation of PPC. This can be done by shifting customers to landing page of your website once they click on the advertisement. This will ensure to show options of actions available to the customers and fulfill your goal.

Content Writing

Content writing is one of the major services being provided by DigiLantern. Whether you own a website or you are interested in social media marketing, content is a highly valuable and dependable service. Our team takes extra efforts for getting a clear picture of your expectations and requirements and digs deep to find out your actual taste in writing. Once our team is fully acquainted with your choices and preferences, expert and highly skilled content writers at DigiLantern craft and write your content in most lucid way.

Need for good content

A well cooked content can increase your user time on the website substantially. Well, the content should be catchy, attractive and at the same time truly informative and valuable. Good content is extremely important for website of any businesses because of the following reasons:

If you have to live by the age of SEO, good content is a must

An excellent content upgrades your ranking in the search engine and helps a lot in driving new business leads. If you are sharing sound information about your product, services and the related industry, your potential and existing customers are more likely to be engaged for longer on your website and even recommend people for same.

Content becomes building block of trust for your customers

When your customers keep on reading good and beneficial content of your business, they develop a substantial amount of trust and faith upon your business.

Good content is the way to interlinking of your website pages

If you own important and crucial content over your web pages, the pages would link back to main web page of your website. It's needless to mention the importance of interlinking of your web pages. It increases credibility of your website among search engines.

DigiLantern Niche

The creative content team of DigiLantern serves you with the best of polished and well grown content for your business. We know and truly believe that it's not quantity but quality of content that matters a lot for crisp representation of your business. Before we start the implantation of content on your websites, we do complete and detailed analysis of your need and expectations with respect to your business, products and services. Our team of experts does extensive research for identifying the taste of your customers based on which we write customized content for your website in the form of blogs, articles, newsletters and much more. Guess, what's more! We are highly interested in seeking your feedback, suggestions and complaints. So, it becomes quite easier for you to take charge of your business and its functioning.

Portal Listings

Portal listing is one of the significant digital services provided by DigiLantern to its clients. We, at DigiLantern thrive by the digital lives of our clients. A portal is a specialized web space dedicated for one particular cause and it merges different information gathered from various sources. The main point of difference between a web portal and website is that a website doesn't require an user ID and password whereas a web portal does require a unique user ID and password for accessing the information. The need for content and content management is heavily dependent upon the needs of end users of the portal. Let's say, a doctor is designing a web portal for its end users, patients. In that case, our team of experts would find out the specifications of need of the end users, and it is only then that our team designs and do the listing of portals.


If you want to specifically target your audiences or customers, Portal listing is an excellent option. This is because of the fact that a web portal is more specific and highly customized for your end users. Unlike websites, web portals allow only members of the portal for viewing the content and it is password protected. Not only this, even content is different and unique for different members of the portal depending on their personal account information. This gives personalized experiences to your end users and customers. Additionally, the dynamic contents of a web portal changes more frequently than in case of websites. This keeps the users abreast of all the changes happening in a business entity. We can successfully embed certain features in your web portal for smooth functioning of your business. For example, we can add on-line payment, transaction history, my favorites, account balance and booking appointments to your web portal. This will not only ensure smooth functioning of your businesses but also increase the quality of end user experiences.

Expertise of DigiLantern

The team of DigiLantern is highly specialized in designing and maintenance of customized web portals. You can rely upon them for successful sustenance and maintenance of web portals of your businesses. You could brief about your requirements and our experts would design and frame your web portals in most enticing way. We understand that security is a big issue and we make sure there are no loopholes in the security and safety of your web portal.

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