Everyone knows that marketing and selling products online can be a huge revenue opportunity - and we provide e-commerce portal development services. However, we also work with clients to plan and execute online marketing programs / activities. As an E-commerce Portal Designing Company, we understand the unique nature of your market, structuring appropriate web marketing goals and designing tactics to execute those goals.

Design methodology

The five phases of the project are as follows

Scoping and planning

As an E-commerce Portal Designing Company, we focus on the planning of the project's overall direction, including the definition of the project's scope, objectives, and timelines. The deliverable from this phase is this Design Plan.

Conceptual design and research

In this phase, the conceptual design of the methodology is developed and research on existing methodologies is conducted.

Development of Framework

The real methodology is produced in this stage. Point by point descriptions of every tasks in the system are reported, including the destinations, inputs, approach, important models, pertinent tools and strategies, yields, and any references. The strategy is to be documented in an appropriate format, be it a Word report or HTML pages.

Implementation of Framework

The approach will be executed with a customer. In this phase of e-commerce portal development services, we incorporate the promoting of E-commerce methodology improvement services and the bringing of the deal to a close, trailed by the actual implementation.

Revision Phase

Revisions to the methodologies are made in this stage. Test reports and any extra references are added to the technique.

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Exclusive Benefits of E-COMMERCE portal Development service with us

  • Applications with scalable and modular approach
  • Cross browser compatibility
  • Well-structured and sensibly organized data
  • Robust feature and user-friendly
  • Smooth and simple navigation with intuitive interface
  • Secured Payment Gateway processing and SSL compliant

DigiLantern's E-Commerce Strategy Overview

  • Understanding Business Model and requirements
  • If already existing business, then Pain points
  • Tactical Deployment
  • Marketing Requirements and Goals
  • Content Gathering and Management
  • Fulfillment and Logistics
  • Financial Management and Payments
  • Social Media
  • Platform & Technology
  • Responsiveness
  • Analytic Integration
  • Web portal and Mobile Apps
  • Maintenance & Management