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Dr. Kandhari’s Skin & Dental Clinic

Dr. Sanjeev Kandhari is one of the eminent dermatologists in India and Dr. Rajat Kandhari has been measuring new heights in Cosmetic dermatology and Aesthetics ever since he entered the field, continuing the legacy. Dr. Gargi Basu Kandhari, the Managing Director of Dr. Kandhari’s Dental Clinic is a well known name in Endodontics as well as aesthetic and laser dentistry. DigiLantern takes pride in being digital partners with Dr. Kandhari’s Skin & Dental Clinic and it has been an amazing journey so far. We began with website designing for them and now there are a lot of on-going digital activities and we are constantly exploring new digital horizons for them.

Website Designing

Website Designing: The challenge was to incorporate two distinct Healthcare specialties i.e. Dermatology and Dental in one website, and also, being able to showcase it in a customized manner. Therefore we preferred using CMS (wordpress) with required plugins i.e. two HTML modules, service plugins (dermatology & dental) along with the advanced contact plugins to make it easier for the target traffic to reach out to the client. The basic technology used for the development of the website includes jquery and bootstrap. The current website Skin Specialist in Delhi is designed in a way that it allows optimum patient engagement with the features like book an appointment, request a call back, payments gateway integration and links to the social media handles.

Search Engine Optimization: SEO is an inevitable element of online marketing which focuses on increasing the organic reach through a search engine. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a continuous practice to attain and improve search engine rankings, attract niche traffic and to promote the practice through non-paid channels. DigiLantern’s SEO services for Dr. Kandhari include On-page and Off-page SEO and have been able to provide consistent results so far. Keywords

Pay-Per-Click: PPC or Google AdWords is an intelligent way to attract the target patients and generate leads. Google AdWords is a form of paid marketing (sponsored ads) which allows you to generate clicks to your website. Why paid ads? Because these ads are only displayed to the patients searching for the services that you provide as a Healthcare practitioner. The difficult part is to create catchy Ad-copies to attract the potential patients while keeping a track of the ever changing guidelines from Google.

Social Media Management: Social Media is all about reaching out to your potential patients and engaging with your existing patients at the same time. The best part about associating with Dr. Rajat Kandhari is that he himself is a very creative person and his inputs and ideas are always outstanding. And clients like him motivate us to strive for more. It took a lot of research and brainstorming internally to define the social media strategy including the content and the creatives, to match Dr. Kandhari’s ideologies. Social platforms are very very dynamic and therefore demand insistent research which is because people need to see something new everyday and be informed/educated at the same time.

Content Marketing: The content marketing is crucial when we think of online marketing because whatever we put out there is going to reach masses which makes it critical to define a content marketing strategy which enables you to deliver the right message. DigiLantern’s vast experience of creating solutions for Healthcare practitioners makes us understand why it is necessary to create the content and creatives which not only showcase the best of our client’s practices but also connect with the patients’ mindset at the same time. And how to nail it. DigiLantern’s content team has been assisting them in compiling blogs, articles and advertisement copies. While defining the content marketing strategy for Dr. Kandhari’s Skin & Dental Clinic we definitely kept in mind the legacy of Dr. Sanjeev Kandhari and Dr. Rajat Kandhari’s commendable work in the field of Aesthetics so that we can let the world know how our client stands out from the fellow practitioners.