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Zolie Skin Clinic

Dr. Nirupama Parwanda, the founder of Zolie Skin Clinic is a renowned and talented dermatologist with an MBBS from the University of Mauritius with the distinction and is a gold medalist too. She is very active in her field, always keen about newer diagnostic and therapeutic modalities in Dermatology and loves to attend conferences and seminars and indulging in research related to her practices.

DigiLantern has been digital partners with Dr. Nirupama's Zolie Skin Clinic for a long time now and it has been a roller-coaster journey with the stories of success so far. We got in touch for her requirement for the website designing and now we are constantly exploring new digital horizons together.

Website Designing

The main task was to create a website which will create awareness among the potential patients about the doctor's specialty and her services in the best possible manner. The website is built using Content Management System (CMS) – Wordpress (PHP framework) with the advanced custom plug-ins to make it easy for the target patients to find the right information quickly and being able to contact doctor without any hassle. The Google API was integrated to make it easier for the patients to locate the clinics. The current website is composting in a manner that it allows the maximum amount of patient engagement with the features like book an appointment, request a callback, and links to the social media handles.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is an imminent element of online marketing strategy which works with the motive to focus on increasing the desirable reach through a search engine. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a continuous practice to acquire and improve search engine rankings, give place to the client's services on top of the searches to attract potential traffic and to provide awareness about the health practices through non-paid digital channels. DigiLantern's SEO services for Dr. Nirupama's Zolie clinic includes On-page and Off-page SEO and keywords to provide them visibility with the single click of the targeted patients seeking services provided by their hospitality and we have been able to provide countable outcomes so far.


PPC or Google AdWords is an outstanding way to stand out your position from others in the same industry and attract the target patients to generate leads. Google AdWords is a form of paid marketing (sponsored ads) which permits you to increase clicks to your clinic's website.

Why are these ads paid ads?

Because these ads are only displayed to the patients searching for the services that you provide as a Healthcare practitioner after purchasing the particular media space and to pop up in front of the searchers. The one work which found to be hard by all is to create eye-catchy Ad-copies to attract the potential patients while keeping a track of the ever changing guidelines from Google so that they will unable to switch without going through these ads.

Social Media Management

Social Media is the platform where thousands of people are exchanging information and reaching out to your potential patients and also can interact with your existing patients at the same time for getting the better outlook for your treatment and your health services. The best part about merging with Dr. Nirupama is that She herself is a very humble person and polite and dedicated towards her profession and clients like her motivate work better day-by-day.

To grab the attention of the audience interacting with people on these platforms needs a lot of research about their need of information, forms of communication and manner of interaction with the rich content of information about her clinic's health services. We used this platform to increase demand for her hospitality services with the creation of content and instant replies for their queries.

Content Marketing

Creating content which delivers the right message to the targeted patients who are searching for the best treatment options available for their Skin related problems is what our content marketing team focuses on. The aim is to provide as much meaningful information to the target patients as possible. Let’s face it, why would anyone visit your blogs (or the website for that matter) again, if they don’t find the information they are looking for. It is very important to play with the words carefully so that it will clear every single doubt or query of the targeted patients.

DigiLantern's prior experience of creating solutions for Healthcare practitioners makes us understand why it is necessary to create the content and creatives which not only to showcase the best of our client's practices but also connect with the patients' mindset at the same time. DigiLantern's content team has been assisting them in compiling blogs, articles and advertisement copies.

There can be no bigger driving force than the challenges and at DigiLantern, we love challenges and to accomplish the toughest of tasks.