Conversion Rate OptimizationLeads and conversion rate optimization through your websites.

Due to digitalization, Healthcare industries are also using productive resources and tools of digital marketing for their healthcare practice. And needless to say that the ultimate purpose is to get maximum conversions through web/digital media. Lantern’s Conversion Rate Optimization services empower you to get increased or better results as fast as possible. In a digital healthcare environment, understanding a clear picture of the patient’s journey is the key to succeed in conversion of your leads. You should, first of all, have a groundbreaking medical marketing strategy in place.

Do you want to perform average or simply better than your fellow practitioners?

Attracting and adding the new patients on your appointment list daily requires optimizing your presence. And what could be the best way to let the world know about your healthcare practice other than having an informative and patient-friendly website? Not just the webiste in fact but also across multiple digital channels to spread the word about the good work that you have been doing to serve the community.

The conversion rate is dependent on many factors such as the type of website you have, your marketing efforts, and mainly the types of visitors etc. To increase conversions you need to regularly use advanced digital marketing tools and focus on the efforts that will give you 100% returns on the investment you put into web marketing. Lantern’s constant support and maintenance services ensure achieving this goal for your health clinic by optimizing your website. We take care of elements that can hinder the optimized results such as broken links or outdated softwares.

What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is the technique of reshaping elements of your online campaigns and segments of your website so that it will become more search-engine friendly, user-friendly, convert more potential patients and increase the number of appointments. DigiLantern’s progressive brains constantly test, analyze and pro-actievly find solutions for any unwanted situations which can hinder the click through rate or CTR.

RO involves components of copywriting, visual design, user experience and other things as well to attract patients. Optimized CRO will give you a competitive advantage over other competitors in the healthcare industry.

How do We do?
  • Our team does examine your campaigns regularly to pro-actively manage any unwanted situations, so that the visitor on your website would most likely book an appointmnet with you as they’ll be able to find relevant information that they are looking for without any hinderance.
  • We analyze the massive amount of data on landing pages and then, we will be able to identify some trendy traits and customs of the top pages and their conversion rates. And will give you information on the factors that are keeping you behind from your fellow practitioners.
  • We think and create out of the box and do come up with something different and unique and something more tangible and imperative to optimize the conversion rate of website.
  • We brainstorm and give you ideas to attract patients for your health services after noticing their online behaviors and their requirements.
  • We take psychology and behavioral components of visitors into consideration when designing conversion optimization strategies which will help them to understand and book an appointment for your medical treatment.
  • We make required changes such as Writing New Page Copy, Adding or Removing the Navigation, Modifying Forms and Calls to Action, Modifying Images & Buttons, Adjusting the Page Layout etc.
  • We identify the problems behind your lower conversion rate like broken links because of that patients might switch to some another link to find the information because these links do take a lot of time to open and show the contained information.
  • We get you more patients and help you to achieve your goals. First of all, we understand the interaction pattern of visitors with your site and after that with the data-driven approach, we try to find out the reason where you are losing patients on your site and develop solutions to get them back on track that will improve their experience.
  • Our testing software helps and allows us to test various campaigns and website elements so we can select the best method and opt that to convert the potential leads into regular patients.
  • We Strategize Conversion rate optimization efforts which will generate more leads or sales on your clinic’s website with your existing traffic, help maximize the ROI from your marketing spend on paid search, social media search, and so on. It will exaggerate the value of your health services on your website so that it employs more visitors, and increment in a number of returning visitors.

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