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DigiLantern's IOT Solutions

The Internet of Things has acquired extensive recognition over the past few years. It is the system of physical objects that involve embedded technology to communicate and interact with their central states. DigiLanterns' IOT Solutions empower remote monitoring for millions of customers, evaluate the latest trends to create magnificent working experiences and managing your essential machinery.

DigiLantern helps you to find a path where your devices consistently connect with each other to converge, keep and process data. You may have an objective to upgrade your productivity, originate new revenue path, strengthen security or entirely modify your service support – where all of this becomes possible with IoT.

What We Offer

  • IOT Consulting: We provide an extensive IOT framework that includes areas from understanding business requirements to an IOT development and implementation approach with a distinctly defined roadmap.
  • IOT Implementation: Our IOT solutions include Data Analytics, Mobile apps for Sensor based data, Machine learning, combination and application of partner products, and system integration.
  • IOT Management: It covers, device management, end to end security, Big data services and Cloud enablement.
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