Leverage DigiLantern's deep-domain expertise covering a wide range of Microsoft products. We are helping organizations achieve opportunities and develop new solutions for a digital generation. The integrated power of DigiLantern's association can help you revolutionize your business to involve with the digital transformation, empowering you to be flexible, agile, competitive and assertive for constant success. Our focus is not only on the high opportunity of frameworks, but also steady, systematic and constant performance and scope at all times.

Key Focus

Our key focus is on following values-
  • Effective Project Management Potential
  • Drive Down your Organization’s Total Cost Pressure constantly
  • Analysis of IT Performance on a regular basis
  • Skilled Resources for successful Project Administration
  • Upgrade availability of IT framework and impede Unexpected Server Downtime
  • Improving Productivity through Updated Business Processes

DigiLantern believes in providing a distinct offering that upgrades, functional productivity by managing the end clients’ application management approaches.

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What We Provide

We offer the essential Tools, Products, and Frameworks to develop Innovative Business Solutions that help in achieving Business Agility and Revolutionize Businesses to get new heights. DigiLantern's Microsoft practice includes-

Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint is a complete set of services, which empowers organizations to achieve their productivity objectives and goals. From Advanced Partner Associations, the wide scope of Analytics & Reporting, Project Lifecycle Management and complete Business Insights, DigiLantern helps you to leverage the experience of best SharePoint solutions. Our approach is based on a deft Development Strategy, combined with proven analytical reports to establish rapid deployment.

Our SharePoint services include-
  • SharePoint Implementation
  • Planning and  Configuration
  • Customization and Integration
  •  Application Updating Services
  • Management and Support

Microsoft Office 365

DigiLantern provides Microsoft Office 365 services, from primary planning to formation. We will associate with you in Execution, Implementation and Consistent Migration from your current framework into a Secure Microsoft Office 365 Platform.

Our SharePoint services include-
  • Integration: Integration of Office 365 Suites with Cloud to help you receive the maximum advantages of Cloud Computing.
  • Implementation: Identify the best approach for Office 365 implementation. It requires retrieving the Organization's Structure.
  • Migration: Migrating on-site data to appropriate Cloud Architecture.

Microsoft .NET

It is a software framework, used to develop Dynamic, Robust and Secured Websites and Web Applications. Our .NET services include-

  • Web-based and Client-Server Solutions
  • Website and Web-Application development
  • Mobile Applications development
  • Applications Upgradation
  • Enterprise Solutions
  • B2B, B2C and C2C Portals
  • Client Server Business Applications
  • Cloud Computing