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Multi-Language Support Moodle is an open source Learning Management System which stands for Modular Object Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment. Moodle is highly advanced and most popular e-learning system these days. Its high functionality and interactivity can easily replace the traditional learning methods with e-learning. Like any other industry, education sector is also greatly affected by digitization. Learning Managemnet Systems like Moodle not only make it convenient to study online but also solves many administration related problems. With access to technology and gadgets, students today demand to be connected 24x7.

Moodle provides a platform for students and teachers to connect at various different levels. It allows theme development & customizations, plug-ins, integrations, multiple applications all at one place. We are a team of top-notch moodle developers with hands on experience of developing web and mobile e-learning solutions. DigiLantern, one of the leading Digital Marketing companies in India, provides end-to-end solutions for Website Development, Theme Customizations, Module Designing & Development, Migration, Applications Management etc. We believe in crafting digital solutions which are competent, comprehensive and competitive in nature.

We provide Moodle LMS consulting services to beginners as well as to those who are looking out to improve or upgrade their Learning Management System.
DigiLantern's Moodle solutions offer a wide range of templates and themes for you to choose from. If you don't like an already existing design, our Moodle designers & developers can customize it as per your requirements and create it.
Our Moodle Course Management System is the epitome of utilizing various software tools for developing an interactive and private online place. Being an open source technology platform, Moodle is a very effective medium of online course management.
Whether you're installing Moodle or shifting your domain to a new server DigiLantern assists you in everything related to Moodle management. We follow significant safety measures for safe data backups and transfers to prevent any kind of disclosure of your important information.
We design & develop your Moodle website to help you utilize high-end technology in the form of an excellent Learning Management System. Our continuous maintenance & support services ensure that you make the best use of your website without any hinderance.
Moodle Learning Management System is an interactive space for learning through online courses, activities and much more.
Our Moodle e-learning portals are designed to provide you safe logins, multiple courses, schedules, tests, practice sessions and so on.
Moodle has evolved as an advanced tool for e-learning which is capable of providing highly customized e-learning solutions. Partner with DigiLantern to assist you in creating well organised, all encompassing and highly interactive Moodle Application.
Moodle itself stands for modular object-oriented dynamic learning environment. So, it's obvious that Moodle offers you various modules & plug-ins such as activity modules, assignment plugins, database plugins, workshop plugins, plagiarism plugins, local plugins etc.