Open Source Solutions

Open Source Solutions

Intricacies of business are increasing regularly as the market for high functionalities is expanding and organizational budgets are being reduced. Therefore, requirement for organizations to search for advanced and cost-effective options such as Open Source technologies.  Utilize the advantages of these technologies to enhance operational excellence, promote product development, and lower down costs with DigiLantern's Open Source Solutions.  We understand that everyone's business concept and focus are different. What might be the best solution for one might not be good for others. And hence we make suggestions focused on your business goals, not ours.  Team DigiLantern have in-depth experience in developing and establishing software solutions built utilizing open source technologies. We provide consulting, development, implementation, technical support services for a broad range of open source technologies and products. We determine all the necessities of our client organization and recommend an open source strategy that is the perfect solution to achieve the organization’s vision. We offer ERP and CMS solutions based on the high quality open source technologies.

Some of our open source solutions include

  • Roadmap / Strategy - Design, Build, Incorporate Strategies and Approaches to select technology from Open source.
  • Architectural Consulting - Architectural Services that cover Best Fit Analysis and Recommendations.
  • Software and Web Development - Theme Development , Custom Development, Web Services Development, Creating Verification of Concepts, Applications, and successful migration to latest technology.
  • Support & Maintenance - Essential Support Services, Product Updating and Application Modernization
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Business Benefits of Open Source Solutions

Quality, Customizability and Security

Flexibility and Freedom

Streamlined Operating Environment

Minimal Investment in Application Development

Upgrade Performances

Robust Transactional Support