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DigiLantern's Testing Services

Nowadays, the requisitions on Quality have enhanced beyond traditional means of delivering essential transformational Business Assurance Services. Technological transformation plays an essential part in obtaining this through future proof IP based Solutions. DigiLantern's Quality- assurance and Testing practice is well equipped to customize and improve to these market dynamics to deliver applicable, economical and high quality services.

Inconsistent trends of market and transitional technology prospects, besides the inception of revolutionary technologies such as Big Data & Analytics, Cloud, Mobility, Social Media, etc. have created an insightful impression, which has effectively driven a variation in the technique, methodology, and service delivery of Quality "Business" Assurance.

DigiLantern associates with its customers at numerous points of commitment, for specific requirements, accurate results, and vital competitive advantages. By deploying uniformed, productive and cost effective approaches during the project's life-cycle, we tranquillize conflict and assuring that the said product achieves excellence.

DigiLantern minimizes the probability of IT collapse, reduced development and maintenance of costs further resulting into an optimized timeline to go to the market. DigiLantern also focuses on enhancing the quality of deliverables and existent QA and testing performances, and most significantly to meet the prerequisites of the business.

DigiLantern’s QA and testing services include

  • Service clarity and risk sharing
  • Dynamic agility
  • Complete suite of services - E2E, standalone and shared
  • Advanced testing cycles
  • Approachable resource management
  • Flexible and on-demand service delivery

DigiLantern’s specialized testing services cover-

API and Web Service Testing

DigiLantern provides frameworks for web service testing automation to run advanced functional and non-functional tests. It minimizes testing costs and quickly develop and execute automated functional, compliance and load tests.

Automation Testing

Platform-independent and business-driven strategy upgrades automation over applications.

Performance Engineering and Testing

It includes determining, developing and measuring performance.

Enterprise Application Testing

DigiLantern has the domain and technical experience to test the most challenging and critical applications. DigiLantern assures ERP applications developed to predictable and measurable outcomes.

Digital and Mobility Testing

This testing ensures end users have a seamless and differentiated experience. DigiLantern’s Digital and Mobility Testing support is offered through a complete range of mobile devices.

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