CodeIgniter, an open source framework is popular among PHP developers because of its fast development and provision of flexibility. CodeIgniter comes with a lot of features and yet a simple toolkit that help us create most attractive websites and applications. It is a lean framework which is SEO friendly, easy to program due to no strict coding rules, comes with a detailed guide and reference documents, needs no template language and is easy to debug.

DigiLantern's CodeIgniter web solutions are designed and developed by a team of experienced tech experts. We emphasize on creating websites and mobile applications which provide customizable admin controls. We have been providing competent web solutions to different industries based on their requirements such as healthcare industry, education sector, telecom industry, hospitality & tourism industry, retail sector, real estate & SMEs. We provide you end-to-end services in order to help you gain a competitive edge with the help of technology and hence achieve your short term as well as long term business goals.
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