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E-mail Marketing

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Email Marketing strategy

Add Email Marketing in your strategy of communication with the desired audience and ensure to be in touch with them for sharing the news about any latest technologies, treatments/services or offers. The art of effective listening is essential to clear communication and clear communication is necessary to achieve success.

Communication is the two-way process, one needs to speak and another needs to listen. Therefore, the method of communication should be proper and clear so as to provide information in the best manner to your patient base. Email Marketing is the powerful tool to communicate and advertise (as a detailed information about) the services with a large database. Email marketing is an effective and cost-efficient strategy to communicate with the targeted groups which is nearly impossible through other traditional ways of marketing. Digilantern with its digital marketing team defines the groups to target which is based on the research that the services that are provided by you is what they are looking for, to increase the number of patients and appointments through web. We believe in easy and effective communication and do not believe in sending emails to groups of People who have no interest/need for the treatments provided by you.

How we do it efficiently and effectively?

From choosing the right information about health services to centralizing the relevant and targeted crowd of patients, and from planning the mailer to flawless "call for activity", we do it just for your email advertising effort. We also track the execution to give you a chance to break down the execution and its effects to have more healthy communication.

DigiLantern's Email marketing services guarantee you that each email will be a treat to the eyes but most importantly will be focusing on the right messaging or piece of information, so that more clients continue coming back to you. Our stylishly outlined email templates are attractive, focused, and important, and we have a tendency to convey quality with every email arrival into your directed inboxes and daily reminders to patients about the health services provide by your clinic.


Why Choose Us for Email Marketing Services?

  • Affordable pricing with no hidden charges
  • Inbox Supervision
  • Free content evaluation
  • Free reputation audit
  • Account management and support
  • Easy to use solutions
  • Maximum Deliverability
  • Dynamic Content related to health
  • Segmentation Tools