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Paid Marketing

Paid Marketing

Hike Your Leads With Digilantern’s Impeccable Paid Marketing Service(Pay Per Click).

Digilantern’s Pay Per Click service is the obligated form of Digital Marketing which provides a facility for the promotion of your health services in front of the potential patients through versatile advertisements to increase the number of patients who are looking for the services provided by you.

We begin by setting up an accurate and clear plan and then execute it in the best possible manner with our digital marketing team to hit your name on the screens of target potential audiences and increment of your business value.

As a PPC Company, Digilantern offers

  • A devoted account administrator who gives health related services customized to address your health issues.
  • A chance to increment the PPC search in your vicinity with a value that suits your available budget.
  • Keyword selection, planning and optimization with our in-house Google Ad Words specialists.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Services offered by Digilantern are

  • Google AdWords
  • Facebook Ads

At DigiLantern, we follow 3 basic rules for getting higher visibility on a search engine platform

Defined Objectives for your paid marketing service

Digilantern defines the purpose of the PPC campaign through research and identifying with your business goals. Then our experts identify the area having leads (patients) searching for the services provided and recommended by you on the web. After setting the list of a target audience, we hit them via paid advertising for the services/treatments that you specialize in. We do the diagnosis of keywords and readable content with the requirement of service by leading patients in mind and set up the precise ways to interpret the success of PPC Campaigns.

Creating Simple and Relevant Campaigns

At Digilantern, our focus is mainly on two key factors for the success of any PPC campaign, one that they should be easy to search and two, it should contain relevant information about your healthcare services searched by the patients on the web. Creation of content for the PPC Campaigns will be relatable with the particular keywords and structure should be competent and unclouded for the leading patients in a target.

Adwords Campaign specific to your geographic location

Are you maintaining a local business?

No problem!

We at Digilantern target the leading patients searching for your healthcare services nearby to your geographic location for adding new names to the list and create Google Adwords and PPC campaign particular to your preferred geographic location.