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Display Ads

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Display Advertisement in digital advertising

Pop up your daily Health Services through Display Advertisements and generate more awareness. It is an effective and easy way to reach and communicate your services.

Display ads are the entertaining and fascinating type of digital advertising. The main motive behind advertising through display advertisements by Digilantern is to push out the information about your health services to targeted groups of patients who all are in search of the services available in your clinic. Display advertisements usually generate a quick and high conversion rate which helps your health services to get increment as the number of patients and appointments.

Importance Of Display Advertisements

In general, Display Ads work at the nascent stage of the journey of the patients to search for the required healthcare services. Display ads are the direct way to grab the attention of the targeted patients about your health services. Display advertisements have different types, they can be text ads, digital banners or videos etc. Digilantern's service of display ads works efficiently and effectively by placing ads on websites which are the most relevant to your speciality and services of practice and have the traffic of the groups who needs health information for the same.

Why choose Digilantern?

Before reaching on to the decision or selection, we would love to ask you one question:-

Will you prefer to purchase something from the market that you have never seen or heard before?

Obviously NO!


Your solution is with our service of Display ads that we at Digilantern place ads on websites having a frequent visit by the patients searching for the same health services provided by your clinic and generate more appointments and create your brand awareness because today service is a product and product should have existed in nature as a brand in a market.

How Digilantern Works?

  • You make a strategy for your plans and ideas and we execute the strategy with creativity in the best possible manner to generate service awareness among targeted groups of patients.
  • We purchase the online media space to pop up display ads having information about your services and display them on the websites where your target patients are frequently appearing.
  • Digilantern helps in a better recall rate for your health services with its service of PPC and display ads because they both are the best combination to hike your web presence successfully by increasing clicks with service awareness. This in turn helps patients to get a reason for their decision making.