Digilantern was established as a web design and development company which has now grown into a notable Custom Website Development Company, also providing digital marketing services in Delhi & Mumbai.

At Digilantern, our aim is to offer the client the best service to meet their marketing needs. The use of any feature or service available on the website will be liable to the terms and conditions specified below. Whenever you use any service or download any content from our official portal, you agree to adhere to all the terms and conditions. Therefore, make sure you read all the terms and conditions thoroughly.

The content uploaded on the website is protected under copyright laws. So, if you adhering to the copyright norms and regulations, you can access our website.

Table of Contents

  • Limited License
  • Third-Party Content
  • Limitation of Damages
  • Disclaimer
  • Changes
  • Payment and Charges
  • Privacy
  • Reservation of Rights
  • Removal of links from the websites

Limited License
Digilantern offers a non-transferable and a restricted right to the users to access its official website: https://www.digilantern.com/. All these rights are subjected to the terms and conditions defined. By cohering to the terms and conditions, you agree not to harm the website in any manner.

Third-Party Content/References
The website of Digilantern contains information which has been taken as a reference. We hereby highlight that any information or content taken from third parties is only for general information purposes. Digilantern does not promote/endorse any third-party content from its official website.

Limitation of Damages
Digilantern under any circumstances is not liable to any sort of damages (direct or indirect). These damages include loss of information, lost profits, interruption in business and many more. Digilantern is not responsible for any losses due to delay in service deliveries from third parties. These terms and conditions are applicable to all the content, materials or any features available on the website.

We always focus on keeping our website updated. This website might contain some bugs, errors or inaccuracies. We do not provide any kind of warranty of the efficiency or accuracy of the website. Any evident or reported inaccuracies on the website may be removed or corrected by Digilantern. Additionally, we reserve the right to change or restrict users’ access to certain website material, such as products, costs, services, and more.

Digilantern holds the complete rights to modify, change or remove any content from the website. At Digilantern, we can also modify the terms and conditions either partially or completely. In case you continue to use our website, we might pass a notice for change, we consider you to adhere to all the terms and conditions. Additionally, we also have the right to restrict any services or features. All of the above permissions, rights, or licences may also be terminated by us. In this situation, users must immediately destroy all materials.

Payment and Charges
The charges of the services availed by the clients are expected and should be payable in advance of the provision of the service. Payments can be made in any lawful mode.

Please read our Privacy Policy.

Reservation of Rights
We have the right to ask you to take down any link or all links to our website. You will have to agree to remove any links to our website. Additionally, we can change these terms at any moment, as well as the linking policy.

Removal of links from the websites
You are free to contact us at any time and let us know if you discover any links on our website that are offending for any particular reason. Requests for links to be removed will be taken into account, but we are not required to do so or to reply to you directly. We do not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or timeliness of the information on this website and we do not guarantee that it will stay accessible. We also do not assure that the content on this website will be kept up to date.