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The heart and soul of the company are creativity and innovation. -Bob Iger

Walk in the virtual world and enjoy the amazingly real 360 Virtual Tour. DigiLantern believes that creativity is the art to create work that will speak with the viewers and we just love doing this. Showcasing your practice beautifully and creatively truly gives you a chance to heal the searches by patients for your services on the website and many more advantages lined up.

The potential results are truly huge and productive. Add a designing element to your website and your desirable count of patients will feel more connected to you and get your healthcare services like they’ve been never heard before which convinces them about your uniqueness and to get in touch with you.

DigiLantern's Creative Desk offers you:
  • Photography – High resolution photographic quality leaves a better impression on your potential patients. And it is always advisable to use clear visuals on social media so that it looks catchy.
  • 360 Virtual Tour – A 360 virtual tour is visible to the patients on your website without even downloading it. A virtual tour is an amazingly genius way to flaunt your infrastructure. Also, the patients would get a feeling of belongingness when they physically visit your clinic.
  • Videography – Videos of treatment procedures in your clinic, patient testimonials, introductory videos, videos where you talk about the treatment procedures you specialize in will be shot and uploaded on your website, social media handles including your YouTube channel so that your patients have a better understanding of the health conditions and their possible treatment solutions.
  • Logo Designing – Our visionary designers create unique and the most attractive logos you would ever see. The team that works with us designs healthcare centric logos and creates a complete differentiation by having an industry – centric idea.
  • Visiting Cards – Visiting cards are your identity. So, it better be eye catchy and informative. DigiLantern provides innovative template designs and ingenious content to make your visiting card look elegant and classy.
  • Flash Cards – We design different types of healthcare flash cards depending on your requirements and service offerings.
  • Newsletters – Designing monthly or yearly newsletters containing information about your work experience, success stories of the month/a year or simply communicating to them about special offers on special occasions.
  • Letterheads – Letterheads are an important part of stationery used by the healthcare practitioners and hospitals. We craft stunning letterhead designs with your logo inscribed on it for maintaining a strong brand image for all kinds of formal communication.
  • Prescription Pads – Needless to say, prescription pads are the mandatory item in hospital stationery and can be an important tool for brand recognition as well.
  • Posters Designing – Stunning Posters specifically designed for your clinic about your service offerings with the addition of precise readable content.
  • Brochures and pamphlets – Our extraordinary creative designers, copywriters, concept developers and publication experts help you to create a brochure that rightly communicates the nature of your healthcare practice work and services provided by your clinic through vibrant pictures and germane content.
  • Booklets – Booklets provide important information about your services. We assist you in thoughtfully placing the content and pictorial representations in the booklets to educate the patients.
  • Standees – Whether it is for display in your office or for any promotional or marketing activity traditionally or digitally, we construct standees that enable you to clearly convey your message.
  • Hoardings and other forms of advertisements – Last but not the least, we develop visually appealing outdoor advertisement designs which people can’t help but notice. Our gifted designers always come up with novel ideas to surprise you.

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Digital Marketing is all about driving the right audience to your website. Our Digital Marketing FAQ can help answer any questions you may still have about the services we offer. Here are answers to the most common Digital Marketing FAQs.

When it comes to digital marketing, we have the answers! Below is a list of questions frequently asked by various people, business owners and marketers. We have compiled this list based off of the questions that we are often asked by our clients and the questions that are commonly asked online and on social media.

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