With the constant advancements in the technology sector, it’s easy to not be up-to-date with the latest advancements and gadgets. This is particularly apparent in the events industry, while it is important to do so for remaining in this business. And this is the only reason there has been a gush of tech-related events in recent times. Although in India, most of the event management firms are still operating their business in a traditional way. The event industry is exponentially blooming with each passing year and no doubt there is cut-throat competition among the event management companies. So, if you want to survive and gain a competitive edge it becomes mandatory to apply technology to event management, administration, effective internal & external communication and events marketing.

DigiLantern is a leading digital marketing company which not only provides you diverse technological solutions but business intelligence solutions as well. We have designed an integrated set of solutions specifically for the events industry in order to help you in administration and communication of your staff, simplifying the complex event processes by using special tools of technology, managing finances by reducing the operational costs, amplify your customer/audience reach and robust marketing solutions.