Mobility SolutionsCreate a Virtual Culture for your Mobile Employees, Partners and Customers

Make your employees more dynamic and synergists. No matter which device they’re using, offer them reliable remote approach to your applications, data and communications. DigiLantern’s skilled consulting with Mobility Solutions can assist you manage your company’s information on mobile devices and secure it. We enable you to stay connected to your employees, prospects and customers anytime, anywhere. With today’s distinct workforce, communication solutions must meet with the requirements of organizations. Whether it is desk workers or field workers, or even home-based or remote employees, users requested for the same feature and technology-rich communication experience, it doesn’t matter where they are or what device they are using. From developing a complete mobile approach to design and deploying custom mobile apps, DigiLantern’s mobility solutions can help you determine your vision, and completely fill the gap between concept and cost-effective implementation.

Mobile Strategy
Application Development/Porting
Offshore Android App Development
Blackberry Mobile Application Development
Offshore iPhone App Development
Windows Phone App Development
Mobile Security
Mobile Business Intelligence
Mobile Testing and Support
Industry-specific Mobile Solutions

Benefits of DigiLantern's Mobility Solutions

Incorporated Customer Possibilities

Moderation in Cost of Extension of Channels

Customized content for users

Secure and Favorable Channel of Requesting/Utilization of Services

New Revenue Possibilities & Enhanced Operational Productivity