In today’s highly Competitive and Challenging Business Environment, your organization encounters ongoing obstacles to Systematically Store and Retrieve your Information. DigiLantern’s Business Analytics Solutions evaluate your business environment and Design a Multidisciplinary Information Based Strategy associated with your Business Objectives and Performance Requirements.

We help you to Evaluate, Plan and Develop a More Secure and Dynamic Information Processes to reform your regulatory needs and improve your service. DigiLantern empowers your organization to utilize analytics to Decision-Making, anytime, anywhere.

Customer Analytics

Validating businesses to outline customers and understand Utilization Trends, Loyalty and Customer Behavior to upgrade services across the Customer Life Cycle.

Sales & Marketing Analytics

Helps to develop strategies and manage the essential sale and marketing factors (Product, Price, Place and Promotion) and Evaluate Brands and Channels across Digital, Social and Conventional Media, to improve ROI.

Supply Chain Analytics

Provides management to develop Data-Driven Decisions to Upgrade Value and Efficiency of Operations, which in turn coverts into Reduced Costs and Improved Opportunities.

Risk Analytics

Enables businesses to handle risks very effectively. Also, delivers Financial Practices with an End-to-End Support in precise, appropriate reporting for Regulatory Acceptance.

Financial Insights

Provides businesses to Organize Expenditure, Cash Flow and Investments and give insights that help in developing better Financial Planning and Management. Our Analytics solutions also cover Social Media Analytics, Web Analytics, and Mobile Analytics.


Improve Revenue by Analytical Business Statistics
Improve Customer and Partner Relations and Confinement
Integrating Financial and Functional Strategies
Evaluation and Execution of Cloud Services
Enhance Decision Making by Reviewing Past And Future Trends
Extract and Transform Procedures and Prediction Analysis for Business Forecasting
Enhance Data Manageability


Acceleration in business landscape is quickly driving customers, businesses and technologies. Businesses are becoming progressively agile, and technologies such as social media, mobility, analytics and Cloud computing are integrating to release unlimited possibilities for everyone involved. This association– also known as SMAC – will be revolutionary to the business-technology over the next few years. These Dynamics collectively upgraded the principals of business infrastructure, connecting the potential within the enterprise and in the market. SMAC technologies are currently managing Business transformation. It provides a comprehensive service supported by the integration of various advanced technology promoters and entrepreneurial strategies.

At DigiLantern, we recommend an organized strategy for developing out your SMAC ability to build business value.

Our strategy includes

Benefits of DigiLantern's SMAC technologies