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Most of the traditional businesses are built and run on references, particularly in Healthcare. I notice every day during my interactions with Healthcare practitioners that they still want to build and run their practices through references majorly.

In 2017 when every aspect of our lives has become digital, people love to showcase their work, their families, friends, daily schedules, eating habits, travel, entertainment etc through Facebook posts & check-ins, Instagram posts, Twitter, Snap Chat, Sound cloud, etc. & then it becomes imperative to seek & source the references through shout outs, Direct Messages (DM), feedbacks, showcasing treatments, offers, across these platforms in the Digital world.

These platforms not only give you an opportunity to reach hundreds and millions of followers & influencers but also give you an opportunity to show respect and love to your supporters; and receive the same in return.

For Healthcare Practitioners across any speciality, no matter if you have been practising for last 5 or 15 or 25 years you have an opportunity to connect, educate and showcase which in return helps you in creating a strong brand identity with loyal patient base, not just mere transactions.

Whether you are a first-generation Health practitioner or Healthcare setup built on legacy, it is important to engage with the patients in the online world because that is not only the direct way to get attention of the person who might be interested in your expertise or services but also an important medium to showcase how you are different from others. It will also help in creating and managing the online reputation of your brand.

If you are a Healthcare Practitioner trying to figure out where to start on social media and what should be your patient engagement strategy, here are the ways that you should start following:

1) Create a personal and Business account on FB, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Linkedin etc.

2) Use Infographics, GIFs, Animated infographics (a.k.a. infographics), Videos, self-explanatory Visuals, charts etc

3) Create content specific to every social media channel where you are contributing, providing value, sharing your experience and expertise with your followers, patients and the medical community.

4) Engage with your audience, share information, ask questions, follow other practitioners/influencers.

5) Provide accurate information to your followers as they will look up to you for the information that you are sharing with them.

Now is the time to assess your online Digital marketing strategy through an agency or by hiring an in-house team that can help you in long run in creating a ‘Brand’ in the era of Di

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