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We all are familiar with the concept of marketing, an essential in every business. Whether Traditional Marketing or Digital marketing every business uses a marketing strategy to grow its horizons and explore new opportunities in the industry. When we talk about Travel & Hospitality Industry, the need for marketing still remains the same. Travel industry has evolved in recent years like never before. New concepts in travel like solo travellers and new employment opportunities like travel writers have emerged. With all this happening in the Travel industry the need for digitization has arisen and with that comes in picture the concept of digital marketing. Digital Marketing is not merely a way to promote your business but to build a strong connection with your customers.

Today, the customers want nothing but the best and when it is a service industry, it becomes even more critical to showcase the best of your Travel business. Services can be productized but in the end all that matters is overall customer experience.

You might be thinking that to highlight the customer experience blogging is the best ever tool a sit allows you to elaborate a travel experience.

So, why Instagram?
Let’s understand in detail how Instagram drives the concept of Travel Marketing?

A lot of Travel Agencies have begun promoting themselves through Instagram. And if you aren’t, believe us, you’re missing out on a lot. If you want to establish your brand and overcome your competitors start amplifying yourself on Instagram, Today!

Instagram is one of the hottest trending social platforms which helps in engagement with your existing customers and to invigorate the interest of potential travellers. And if you’re still not convinced to promote your travel brand through Instagram just take a look at these amazing facts about Instagram Marketing for the Travel industry.

How to make it happen through Instagram?
Here are different Instagram strategies which can be used for Travel marketing

  • User-generated content: People who travel love to post their photos and about activities of a particular destination, so they provide great opportunities to other people with their post and content. You can repost the pictures & videos from your customers on Instagram. You see now? It hardly requires any effort at your end!
  • Real-time Updates: You will be curating a real-time travel book, an eye-candy to your Instagram audience. You will be capturing moments which will inspire your audience to take actions. Need we say more?
  • Storytelling: What could be more inspiring than watching the travel stories from frequent travellers or travel experts (you)? Instagram allows you to tell fascinating travel stories through breathtaking series of pictures while narrating a travel story through the captions on each picture. And posting a story through a series of pictures makes people curious, they would return to your account to know it all.
  • Use of Hashtags: Hashtag is a key element on Instagram. People describe their travel experience through trending Hashtags. A trending hashtag means higher visibility as more and more people would be searching for it, which in turn increases the chances of conversion through your Instagram account.
  • Influence People to Travel: Travel companies use Instagram to influence a lot of people to travel and promote certain destinations. Well, who wouldn’t want to travel after seeing those snow clad mountains in absolutely foggy weather? So, Instagram is a great tool for visual marketing used by Travel brands and a great medium to interact with the potential customers through intriguing pictures and video content.
  • Appropriate Targeting Technique: Instagram helps you to target the right audience and reach out to the right people. You can choose your target audience similarly as you can on Facebook.
  • Drive traffic to your website: Yes! Instagram now provides you with the facility of ‘Click-to-action’ which means you can now drive your Instagram audience to your website and prompt them to make a booking.

How DigiLantern helps you?

  1. DigiLantern’s Social Media team assists you in developing a groundbreaking Instagram Strategy.
  2. We help you increase your followers on Instagram – organically and through paid advertisements.
  3. Our Social experts help you analyze and concentrate. For e.g. the destinations that travellers are interested in.
  4. DigiLantern’s creative team helps you create mind-blowing visuals.
  5. DigiLantern helps you build viral Instagram campaigns.
  6. We at DigiLantern, help you build a repo with the community.

Travel Companies turn to Instagram because it encourages people to visit more destinations, explore the new lands, new cultures, new cuisines; and offer the opportunity to experience the unimaginable. Connect with us at and let’s explore the immense business opportunities for you through digital media.

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