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In today’s time being a dentist is not just about clinical or aesthetic dentistry. A well defined marketing plan can not just enable you to achieve your short term goal of having prospective patients know about you in your vicinity but will also help your practice’s academic and operational growth in the long term. If we talk about dentistry, there are a lot of ways to showcase your services/treatments offered through an effective social media presence, new articles etc. However, as a web solutions company for dental website designs with Healthcare as our main forte, DigiLantern advises you as a dentist to first have a strong marketing plan before commencing your infrastructural expenses in setting up your clinic.

Here are 5 ways of marketing your dental practice to strengthen your patient base as well as spreading awareness about your treatments offered:


The first and foremost decision to make while defining your strategy or your marketing plan is whether the execution will be in house or outsourced. The plan will be defined around what your current academic goals and service offerings will be with what will you focus on in long term.


Your patients (existing and potential) – are increasingly mobile and are obtaining information and the good job happening around healthcare through social media. Think of social media as similar to the traditional “word of mouth” method, only with an a prospective audience which has the potential to spread much wider and faster than what it could have traditionally.


The first step to start to see a growing dentistry practice is to have a brand built by creating a wonderfully designed and informative website which is equipped with the set keywords & a strategy to scale up the website with more information (content) when the service offerings increase. In today’s time, its also necessary to list your practice on various portals which are doing well in your vicinity for a transactional (short term) reach to your clinical treatments, however building a brand organically would need a website to constantly keep showcasing the good job that is happening in the clinic quite frequently.


In today’s time the world is moving towards Vlogs’, where the prospective user would want to have a visual view to the information that needs to be showcased. Time has changed and people read less. Creating good HD videos around the treatments offered and showcasing them under the Google / social media platforms’ guidelines in form of videos is an effective way of beginning big. However, while creating good content, it is extremely necessary to showcase the content in form of a blog or a video according to the social media platform you would want to showcase the information on. We, at DigiLantern offer excellent digital marketing services in Delhi which if domain focused and also centric to every social media platform that will help the practice grow.


The right marketing strategy can benefit every dental practice. Whether the practice is new or big, and regardless the number of years in the practice – every practice (business) can benefit from public relations and effective ways of marketing it. A strong SEO reach can perhaps increase patients who are searching for the right services on google and haven’t really found the right dentist in their vicinity focusing on the right set of services offered. A brilliant SEO strategy can immensely help you in having a patient walk into the clinic. We at DigiLantern offer SEO services in Delhi at a competitive costs further enabling a dental practice in achieving its long term marketing goals.

Which of these content and social media tips have you used to market your dental practice? Please share your experiences by writing to us on info@digilantern.com

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