5 Social Media Marketing Success Tips To Increase Followers of Your Dermatology Practice

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Are you practising dermatology? Are you aware how content and social media marketing can help grow your practice?

Social media marketing isn’t just about having a Google, Instagram or a Facebook page. It’s all about educating the mass, answering their questions about dermatology, and sharing interesting news about your practice. Content Marketing has evolved as a powerful tool for growing you’re online as well as offline business. An important challenge for you as a medical practitioner using social media is that you have to be more visually interesting, creative than the other competitors in your target audience’s network! How do you do that?

So, if you’re interested in knowing more, read below.

1. Narrate Stories by Publishing Interesting Content

Use the blog section of your website and publish stories about the health industry especially focusing the specialty you are focusing on. This should include your focus on your practice (speciality), prospective patients, & events you would want to primarily focus on. Every story you publish should be unique in nature, and interesting enough to remain in the heads of the people who read it (visually as well). Handles like Pinterest & Instagram are all about images, videos and the visual appeal which shouldn’t be left out while creating good content. Therefore, you have to have an understanding of what are the different expectations of your audience on different social media handles in order to connect and engage them. Infographics can really do wonders for you.

2. Keep Blogging

Blogging on regular basis is important for a meaningful presence on social media. If you don’t plan to share interesting as well as relevant information according to the use of every social media handle, nothing shall work for you in the long run. If the content that you publish in the form of blogs, articles or healthcare tips can match the interests of your target audience, you’re definitely going to gain a large online community. Apart from blogging, once in a while you may also need to add other content (photos, video, podcasts, etc.) to engage audiences within those specific networks.

3. Include Location (GeoTagging)

Most of the medical practitioners don’t update their location, tags and timings while targeting the right audience. As the only goal is to primarily attract the right audience to your practice, updating the Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the Pinterest Profile with the right description and location tags is extremely important. Encouraging patients to “check – in” to your location using Facebook will bring in authenticity to your practice and attract other prospective patients to know about your practice. Checking in has relatively become old on Facebook but it still works as good as a “word of mouth” referral marketing form and will continue to do so unless a new feature is introduced by Facebook.

4. About Section

It’s important to focus on basics where the right keywords are still not tagged by most of the medical practitioners while creating a fan page on Facebook or a tab on the website that focuses on the nature of work of the dermatology medical practitioner.

The words you use to describe your practice should reflect the natural conversational language that your audience use. Similarly, the About page of your website should not just focus on keywords such as aesthetics, but rather on answering questions that typical patients would ask. Think about some of the common questions that your patients have asked in the past and update your practice’s About page with content that provides those answers.

5. Contests & Promotions

Maybe offering a free consultation on a new service introduced with a ‘limited time only’ offer can create a buzz to promote the new set of services offered. Though free services should be avoided to be given and only a service against a contest won will create a buzz in the head of the prospective buyer where he or she will be inquisitive to find out what he or she have won. For the purpose of audience engagement, encourage your Facebook fans to submit photos of themselves, or share stories for a chance to win.

Which of these content and social media tips have you used to market your aesthetic practice? Please share your experiences by writing to us on info@digilantern.com.

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