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Whatever information you deliver through your blogs, articles, posts, videos, etc., the end goal is always to reach and engage your targeted customers. If you’re able to provide solutions to the concerns of your customers, pro-actively identify their needs and find a way to communicate regularly and efficiently with them, you’re here to stay. Even if you’re an organization who has all the products which your targeted customers would need or want you would be a failure if you’re not able to connect with them directly on a regular basis.

So, what should you do to survive in today’s competitive world?

Is Digital presents the answer to it?

Well, yes, to an extent. But it requires much more than that!

What more?

So, let’s say that you have a website for your business, you’ve listed your business on various portals, you’re using social media to post about your products/services on daily basis. Does this ensure maximum customer engagement? NO!

Behind this façade, you need to put a hell lot of efforts. You can’t bring new customers on board simply by informing them about the products and services you can avail for them. You need to let them sneak into your business, you need to build a human connect instead of a commercial one. First of all, you need to win their trust. Let them know what drives your business, let them know how you can personalize the unparalleled service experience for them, let them know your story and build an emotional connect. So, it is only when you connect with your customers on such deeper level that you’ll be able to earn a lifetime goodwill through a loyal customer base.

So, what does it take to humanize your brand/business?

1. Measure the Success of your Message

A great thing about digital world is that you can analyse every activity that you perform in terms of returns. Any message that you share with your audience through online media you shall measure the response it receives. It would help you to understand what works and what doesn’t. What gets a thumbs up from your customers can be considered as a base for your upcoming campaigns and deliver a message which is just on point.

2. Design your Campaigns Thoughtfully

Before we proceed, let’s just think of some of the most viral marketing campaigns you’ve come across lately. Find anything common? Yes. All the successful campaigns will definitely have that ‘human touch’ to the product/service promotion. So, how do we do it? You don’t need to go overboard, really, it’s simple, pretty simple. Think of how your product/service can make a difference in the daily life of your audience and there it is! Or you can share your story, your motivation behind the campaign, which should do the work just as well.

3. Flaunt your Workforce

So, earlier we spoke about letting your customers sneak into your business. One of the most promising ways is to share with them how your people contribute to your business or how they have fun at work. You can also allow your workforce to showcase who they truly are beyond work, for e.g. somebody might be a melodious singer or a hilarious comedian. Give them the platform to perform their talent and this will surely attract your audience. They would understand that your business values its own staff, cares for human emotions and that’s what you’ll do for them as well.

4. Research, Gather and Share Valuable Content of others (Community Sharing)

It is an amazing way to engage your audience and encourage them to visit your social media platforms. Digitally, you are able to share the most valuable content, even if it is not yours, with your followers and friends to ensure that they are getting knowledge and information from every corner of the world. Share content written by others that are related to your services more and more to make them feel that YES..! your page is worthy enough to visit and check because the latest information at one place is hard to find.

5. Content Writing is Crucial

If you write emotional headlines, it will target the emotions of the audience so you can easily increase the number of shares and traffic to your website/web pages/ social media because emotion drives action. If your headlines do not invoke curiosity your audience won’t even bother to open the link and read the full news/article/blog.

6. Get Creative

Use of Memes, Animated GIFs, and Images can make a huge difference to plain service promotion. When people find something entertaining on their screens, they love to click. As we see that people would love to tag their friends, family members etc., on memes and animated GIFs but hardly on a post including a serious article purely based on service/product offering. It will engage and increase your shares, likes, comments, and click-throughs.

7. Video Marketing

Video Marketing has emerged as a powerful marketing tool in 2017. People love to get information through watching informative and visually appealing videos of 2 minutes instead of reading 200 pages of a book for getting the same information. We all would prefer watching a video on social media pages instead of reading pdfs on google. So, just get creative, be pro-active and deliver what your audience wants to. Constant innovation is the key in today’s dynamic world.

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