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NOIDA, DELHI NCR, 10th January, 2018- DigiLantern, a privately held company founded in June, 2015, specializes in providing digital solutions and technology services healthcare practitioners, clinics and pharmaceuticals. The company is operating in the area of Delhi NCR and Mumbai. The company is going to launch a new website dedicated to healthcare sector latest by 10th January 2018.

Apart from healthcare, DigiLantern also caters to the digital and technology needs of travel, hospitality, education and event management sectors. In healthcare sector, DigiLantern has a very thick and satisfied client base. It is one of the strongest reasons for entering core health domain and launching a dedicated website for it. As the founder of DigiLantern, Mr. Tanay Tulsaney says,“In Health Care, after working with almost all multi specialties I realized that every specialty and practice is completely different from one another and no two practitioners in spite of being practicing in the same fields have neither the same need nor do they face the same challenges.” His quote encapsulates his rich experience and his firm vision for servicing health care industry. Understanding the basic structure and visualizing their shortcomings are the way to lead in any industry.

DigiLantern has been client centered and value driven in the terms of services. “After working across different work culture of North America, Asia, LATAM, Gulf and the UK, and working with Start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. I have discovered my mission, I am on a mission to create a legacy in the digital world built on the milestone of hard work, patience, ability to face failure and empathy.” says Mr. Vaibhav Sharma the co-founder of the company.

Apart from providing services of digitization, the company has been diligently assisting health practitioners for last 3 years in embracing the benefits of digitization through training sessions for the doctors & clinic staff. DigiLantern has a clear vision of providing all encompassing digital solutions to the healthcare practitioners which include custom web solutions, patient/hospital management system, social media marketing, search engine optimization, paid advertisements, graphics and video designing, press releases and other forms of public relations activities.

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