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Yes! Vlogs (video logs) are the new blogs for health-care. The sweeping trend of Digitization has shifted the focus from “content to be read” to “videos to be watched”. The reason for same can be manipulated as people have limited time to spend on social media and Internet. If asked to choose between a video and textual content(blog), people generally tend to choose videos as they are more engaging, connecting and creative. Moreover, they can get to know certain procedure or treatment in relatively less span of time than compared with reading entire text of a blog. Vlogs are nothing but a carefully designed and selected collection of videos which are meant to target or cater to the needs of specific audiences. In the case of health-care, Vlogs are meant to showcase the services, treatments and procedures provided by any medical practitioner. They are meant to provide vital information about medical treatments to the patients. It also helps abundantly in building a robust alliance between the doctor and the patient.

How to do it like a pro?
Obviously you will require help of a professional to get that desired professional results of videos. A team which has sailed through the digitization and have found apt ways for shooting and designing nothing but just a super video. They would make your Vlogs goof-proof because they have already crossed the road much before and know how to spot the errors much earlier than expected.

Good script is at the core of a good video
Good script is the golden ingredient for recipe of a good video. Of course! Nice shots and superb picture quality is required but without a good script it will be as if one is going off to the battle field without arms. A good script bridges any possible gaps between you and your patients if any. Rightly chosen string of words result in a perfect script for your video. Not only this, you need to scan the theme for which are you making the video, choices and general queries of related database of patients for that.

Cling your Vlogs around specialized themes
Deciding for a particular theme helps your patients abundantly as they can decide whether to choose it or not. Actually, you need to place multiple flowers in your umbrella of themes. On one you might choose a specific treatment, lets say, Laser hair removal and on the other you might be choosing a carbon peel procedure. The chosen theme needs to be churned wisely and enough videos should be linked together highlighting the procedure, its benefits, related risks and real time feedback from patients which have been priorly treated with same procedures. The idea is to lock and seal entire information of particular theme in your Vlogs so efficiently that your patient can’t manage to go somewhere else for that.

Right promotion of Vlogs pays you huge returns
A precisely made video needs to be promoted on right platforms and on right time for reaping out thick results from them. Its just like making a wow product and not selling in the right market. Targeting patients rightly for the Vlogs ensures apt delivery of information in the required corner. Search engine optimization is the real hero for gaining access to potential patients for that. This means you are streamlining the popular searches about medical procedures with your Vlogs or videos. Doing so will make your patients land on your website for desired information through videos.

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