Digital Transformation for SMEs and Brands

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Digital Transformation is enabling Small businesses to compete with larger organizations and foreign brands. The Digital India campaign is focused on empowering the Small & Medium Enterprises with the eminence of Digital Transformation. The Digital India campaign is ensuring large amounts of investments/FDIs, Modernized Manufacturing Plants and encouraging entrepreneurship in India. More and more people are associating with SMEs considering it to be the right time to grab the opportunity as Make in India & Digital India campaign are building the digital foundation for SMEs and Small Brands. Those who already own SMEs & Small Brands have understood that now is the time to expand their horizons and achieve new business goals.

Digitization is helping SMEs embrace new technologies to improve their manufacturing process and improve ROIs and at the same time changing the way of back-end operations via automation. Automation isn’t just restricted to back-end operations but also extends to goal setting, performance tracking and review. Digitization helps a great deal in controlling business processes while providing the advantage of directly associating with stakeholders and customers. SMAC plays an important role in digitization of SMEs & brands.

DigiLantern, being a System Integrator works with a cohesive approach in order to meet the long term business goals of its clients. We aim to strengthen basic IT infrastructure (Web & Mobile) and incorporate SEO, SMO and other significant ditital marketing company in Delhi’s strategies to boost online engagement. Being digitally enriched isn’t enough for SMEs until we make wise utilization of Web & Social Media for brand awareness and online reputation management.

The area that can benefit SMEs the most is the automation of Manufacturing Process because it affects entire supply chain system, hence eliminates any unnecessary and duplicate operations in order to make optimum utilization of resources, save time & provide real-time information.

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