How Digitization has changed the Face of Dermatology Practice in India?

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Digitization has been the talk of the town in recent times. The reason for same is gigantic changes and alterations which it has been able to bring to almost every sphere of life including healthcare. Dermatology is one of the prominent ones among them. Starting from the practice of doctors, to equipment, to patient’s feedback, and social communication and information about the clinical procedures. Digitization has touched every realm of dermatology practice in India.

It also carries close connections to social awareness and patient’s outlook for the skincare & facial beautification. Digitization has been proven to be a game changer for clinical as well as cosmetic dermatology in recent few years. 

A win-win situation for the doctor and the patient.
Digitization has brought a pile of changes to our society and modes of communication. Now, people are more aware of the various procedures that can be used to improve the quality of their skin. Earlier people in India recognized dermatology as a practice of treating skin diseases like fungal infections, allergies and other issues like acne & excessive hair fall. There were apprehensions related to anti-wrinkle injections, lasers and other energy-based technologies being used for skin treatments. Now, even before they walk into a clinic they know which treatment do they want to resolve their particular skin concerns. They are aware. They do their research well and it has only been possible because of digitization as there’s ample information available on the internet today, be it any subject.

Also, as the dermatologists are sharing more and more information about their clinical practice, real-time results, technologies & equipments being used in the clinics, and numerous dermatological procedures, hence patients are having more control over their decisions of choosing the best procedures and the dermatologists. So, when the patient personally visits the clinic they would feel a sense of belongingness as they already know your practice virtually.

Digitization has not only created flexible, safe, and easy payment options, but it has also given an open platform to the patients for sharing their feedbacks, complaints, and suggestions if any. The dermatologists can make excellent use of these magic words expressed by their patients. Taking complaints seriously and on a positive note gives a huge platform for mending their clinical practice and adding a dose of perfection to their clinical practice. Taking real-time actions about the complaints not only polishes your dermatological practice but also accentuates your authenticity in the health world. Patients start trusting you more than ever and rely upon your services for solving their problems.

Most featured aspects of Digital Dermatology
The term Digital Dermatology has become quite popular around the globe especially in the last decade. As people are becoming more and more internet savvy, the need for digitization gains even dense importance. Before going to any skin clinic, patients always prefer reading online reviews and online content available about the doctor and the clinic. Thus, dermatologists are also focussing largely on their online branding.

Digitization has brought more transparency not only in dermatology but the entire healthcare industry. The doctors and the patients, both have become more aware of their contribution and responsibilities in rightly shaping the new health world.

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