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The biggest myth about SMEs is that it is less complicated than large businesses, which isn’t true at all. The basic business process is almost same and it’s just the scale which varies. Sometimes, SMEs would rather be more tedious than large businesses while performing business functions because of financial, managerial and development issues.

Therefore, business process automation can be of great advantage to transform the small and medium businesses. Automation can help integrate numerous activities and provide digital solutions to everyday problems. Especially, cloud-based systems that bear all your computer infrastructure cost, enabling you to concentrate on your core business.

DigiLantern has been providing cloud-based enterprise resource planning models to SMEs and it has been a great success so far. What our clients appreciate the most is how cloud based solutions integrate core business processes to reduce the lead time, provide real-time information due to the possibility of instant updates and increase ROI manifolds.

DigiLantern believes in bringing out the best for every business, be it a small enterprise or a large organization. Experts work closely with clients to know the strengths and weaknesses of their business so that customized solution can be developed. DigiLantern provides strong IT infrastructure, Database Management Solutions, Data Analytics Solutions, Human Resource Management solutions, Financial Management Solutions, Lead Generation Solutions, Dashboard Management Solutions, Sales & Purchase related Solutions in order to help SMEs to automate their operations.

Another benefit of automation is that it gives you great control. You can measure your productivity, you can keep a count on your resources and you can easily anticipate the customer needs. We always emphasize to create a partner strategy to achieve success at different levels of business. And it is not only large organizations that face competition but it is more difficult for SMEs to survive and grow in today’s ever changing & highly competitive digital world. Therefore, SMEs need very innovative and tailor-made solutions to gain a competitive edge.

Here are some key benefits of Business process automation for SMEs:

Easy Management: The procedures and policies related to the workforce and business get a vision and are implemented in a well-defined manner.

Measurability: Business Process Automation helps in keeping a track of materials and resources utilized, therefore makes it easier to measure the outcomes.

Better User Experience: Online order, purchase and payment of goods and services provide a better customer experience as compared to that of a manually run business.

Improved operational efficiency: Business Process automation enables you to utilize your same time, effort and money in multiple investments required for the growth of the business.

So, it can be concluded that the strategy of Business Process Automation not only helps in automating processes in order to optimize costs but also help in the streamlined progress of the SMEs.

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